You were probably educated in a public or private school Classroom. But in the scope of history, classroom-style learning is new and has some major limitations. So why are we still using it? Maybe it’s time to think outside the classroom box.

Consider Homeschooling makes the case for tutor-style, parent-involved home education. In this “why-to” book, Cari Kelemen explains the reasons she homeschooled her own kids from K-12, and answers the most frequently asked questions.

Questions like:

  • Shouldn’t teaching be left to the experts?
  • What about Socialization?
  • What if my kids drive me crazy?
  • What about getting into college or getting a job?

If you are ready to play hooky from conventional classrooms and consider this time-honored way to educate your kids; or you want to help your spouse, parents, or friends better understand the reasoning behind it, then this book is for you!

Cari Kelemen is a wife, mother, and “finished” home educator. She holds a Master of Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and has enjoyed working with teenagers through camps, churches, and the ministry of Young Life. She and her husband, Russ, have three grown children.

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Consider Homeschooling – By Cari Kelemen (Digital Download)

This “why-to” book makes the case for the tutor-style learning of parent-involved home education over classroom-style learning. Cari Kelemen explains why she decided to homeschool her own kids from K–12, and answers the most frequently asked questions. If you are ready to consider homeschooling, or you want your spouse, parents or friends to better understand the reasoning behind it, then this book is for you.

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