Your Membership Supports American Businesses and Manufacturing

For over two centuries, the United States has lead the world in innovation, manufacturing and free enterprise. But for the past couple of decades our government, big corporations and tech industries have squandered America’s dominance in favor of a global supply chain that utilizes slave labor to produce cheap goods. This has left America much weaker and overly reliant on other countries for our very existence.

At Cost Club we are proactively working to reverse this trend and return our nation to a self-reliant manufacturing powerhouse. Wherever possible we source products from American producers and service providers while still offering you the best possible prices.

Supporting Free Speech And Independent Journalism

Fake News is an industry created by corporate media for the express purpose of misinforming Americans and planting the seeds of civil unrest in the country.

The alternative media is a serious threat to the Fake News cabal which is why the agenda-driven, big tech socialists have teamed with Fake News to destroy the financial viability of independent journalists. Your membership fee is re-invested in the independent information warriors, journalists and content creators to fund their mission to bring truth to the people.